Giggle and Grow have a special interest in working with neuro-divergent children in the early years of their life. We have extensive experience with:
- establishing fun and engaging sessions with young autistic and ADHDers 
- trialling and implementing Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)
- Assistive Technology (AT) NDIS applications
- working with children who are Gestalt Language Processors (GLP)
-  speech sound delays/disorders
- language delays
- feeding/eating challenges
- collaborating with and training early childhood educators and school teachers
Assessments are a tool to identify your child's strengths and current developmental stage. Standardised assessments can be completed to assess speech sound delays/disorders, language delay/disorders, pragmatic communication skills and feeding/oro-motor skills. Assessments will be completed after an initial consultation.
If you need an assessment to support with access to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), please state this in your enquiry. 
Engage in ongoing therapy sessions with your child. We are creative and flexible with play and incorporate your child's interests. Giggle and Grow has a passion for parent coaching and capacity building and work with you to identify goals and strategies that support your child.
Giggle and Grow will connect with your child's early learning service, other service providers and/or school to learn more about your child's strengths and challenges in different environments, and ensure that goals are aligned to achieved the best outcomes for your family.
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